Providing industry-leading physical security solutions and services to a wide range of organizations

Threats to people, property and information have never been greater. Yet, too few organizations develop concrete plans to prevent, detect and respond to threats that affect the safety and security of their people and assets.


We can help.

Tiree Security Consulting is a leader in physical security consulting in Canada. Our team understands the pressures that security professionals face. Our proven methodologies have been designed to support our clients as they develop and deliver security solutions to address risk.






From assessment through to strategy, planning, and implementation, Tiree Security Consulting provides expert support where it is needed:

  • Threat and Risk Assessments
  • Departmental and Corporate Security Plans
  • Security Design Briefs
  • Schematic, Detailed and Tender-ready Integrated Security Systems Design
  • Business Continuity Plans
  • Training Plans

Specifically, we help client organizations:

  • Develop master security plans
  • Consolidate security requirements
  • Evaluate security programs
  • Perform security surveys
  • Formulate security policies
  • Measure security program effectiveness
  • Derive budgets

When it comes time to implement a solution, Tiree Security Consulting incorporates the most advanced and field-proven technologies into our designs and solutions for:

  • Fences, bollards, gates, and final denial barriers
  • Bullet and blast resistant solutions
  • Entry portals
  • Electronic access control
  • Intrusion alarm monitoring
  • Digital video management
  • Integrated systems

With these assessments, plans, and solutions, Tiree Security Consulting helps to secure our clients’ most valuable assets.